SGFLCloud is an internal intranet system designed for all educational establishments in Stoke-on-Trent and local authority colleagues to connect, communicate and collaborate on one site.


It provides a safe and secure mechanism for staff in schools to share information with the local authority and vice versa. 


Key areas on SGFLCloud include:


· Establishment Folders (e.g. Admissions, Audit, Finance, HR etc)

· Internal Phone book

· Generic Information / Templates

· SLA Documentation

· School Closure Website

· Admissions Place Rejections

· Admissions Numbers on Roll

· School Improvement

· Finance Calendar



Click on the cloud above to go directly to the site.




There are also direct links to the School Support Services Website / Traded Services Directory and the central events calendar for events and training available to establishments throughout the year.


Headteachers / Principals have access to all areas pertaining to their establishment as standard.  Permissions to any area on SGFLCloud is only set upon request of the Headteacher / Principal via a completed Access Request Form. 


Access to SGFLCloud is free to all Stoke-on-Trent establishments; accounts are limited to staff that need regular access to information held on SGFLCloud.

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